lifeboats and davits

Starting in 2010, when the need of satisfying new laws and regulations in the shipping industry inspired us to establish a whole new division in our company.

Our technicians in the specific field have long experience and deep knowledge of the subject, in order to fulfil all relative regulation needs and meet high manufacturing standards.

At the same time our technicians are performing such inspections on board, they also train ship’s crew in order for them to have full control, as well as all necessary skills required to carry out procedures and actions in a possible escape or rescue situation.

It is very important that any boat that needs to be launched in time of emergency, must respond immediately without any dysfunctions. This is the only way we can assure the survival of the crew, especially on vessels where outside help is not always an option.

classification societies

lifeboat and davit manufacturers

  • Hatecke
  • Global Davit
  • Fassmer
  • Gepa
  • Oriental Precision
  • Arim Machinery & Eng. Co.

flag approvals

Our global network of affiliates is very reliable and efficient, given the fact that since 2010 we have carried out as a team thousands of inspections, always with excellent results.

  • Panama
  • Liberia